Tensas Basic Levee District Maintenance

Maintenance Division

Tensas Basin Levee District

The TBLD Maintenance Division is led by the Operations Superintendent overseeing Levee Maintenance Superintendents with crews in both the Monroe and Jonesville locations. It is the mission of the Maintenance Division to provide the physical, operational, and financial integrity of flood control features throughout our district. This is accomplished by a staff dedicated to operating and maintaining these projects in a manner that best serves the residents of Northeast Louisiana by minimizing the risk and probability of flooding in our 8 parishes.

This team maintains approximately 250 miles of levee, 361 miles of flood control channels, 188 floodgates, 7 stormwater pumping stations, and 15 dams(weirs). Maintenance includes mowing and repairing levees, channels, pump stations, flood control structures and all other flood control features throughout our district.

Maintenance Department Contacts

Justin Holloway

Operations Superintendent

(318) 323-1130

John Willis

Monroe Construction Foreman

(318) 323-1130

Jeff Trisler

Jonesville Construction Foreman

(318) 323-1130

Larry Woods

Jonesville Maintenance Foreman

(318) 323-1130

Hershey Carter

Monroe Maintenance Foreman

(318) 323-1130

Eddie Mason

UAV Operations Coordinator

(318) 323-1130